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Ashley Salaz is an Indigenous filmmaker who specializes in capturing the stories of marginalized groups. Her love of cinema was sparked at a young age, and after graduating from the University of Southern California, she pursued a career in the film industry as a self-taught screenwriter. Ashley’s first script awarded her a spot in the 2010 National Hispanic Media Coalition’s TV Writers Program. 

After completing two TV pilots, Ashley realized that she may never see her stories come to life unless she learned how to use a camera herself. While learning to shoot, she made her first short documentary about the graffiti scene in Oakland and fell in love with the unscripted format. 

Her creativity got the attention of A3Ventures, and she was recruited as their first in-house photo and video producer. It was there that Ashley established best practices around all stages of digital content production and honed her skills on set. She continues to work freelance as a digital content producer, working with clients all over the Bay Area. 

Ashley is currently in production on her first feature length documentary- a story about her Native American roots, and her tribe’s quest to reconnect with their culture. In 2022, she was selected as a fellow for the Native American Media Alliance’s Unscripted Workshop where she developed her film with industry professionals.

Ashley currently lives in Oakland, California and is happiest when cooking for family and friends or spending time with her 19-year-old cat, Mr. Big. 

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